Our Manifesto

The world of fashion is not only about its power and beauty but also about its limitations and restraints. This duality permeates through the entire industry, from the designers to the buyers. 

These days, we are all looking for more.  

Our collections need to grow, but they need to grow sustainability. 
Our attitudes need to change, but only to empower and liberate.
Our creativity needs to flourish, but with respect for each creator.
Our catwalks need to change, but only to include all types of beauty.
Our voices need to count, but for those who deserve fair treatment.
Our eyes need to open, if only to see our true potential.

For Love & Reason embraces the next phase of fashion. We love our clothes and how we make them. Wherever you’re going, our designs can both transform and represent you. Their duality works in any setting. Whether you’re in a casual or elegant mood, going to a wedding or a meeting, dressing down or dressing up, we have just what you’re looking for.


We don’t exploit or cause unnecessary harm to our planet. We know where our fabrics come from, who our manufacturers and suppliers are, how they’re treated and how well they’re paid for their work. We get close so we can feel safe. It makes us proud of our work and our company. 

 Responsibly, Ethically, & Thoughtfully Made

At For Love, we are committed to ethical and responsible fashion. Our world deserves more and so we value the importance of being a conscious consumer. That’s why we do our part in minimizing the negative impact of the fashion industry. How? Scroll below to find out.


Naturally Sourced and Low Environmental Impact

Our materials come from a natural source and/or are obtained using a low ecological footprint. We only stock tissues in limited quantities, using vetted and responsible manufacturers,  which means they are run fairly and responsibly.

Our partners share our passion and integrity. We know them personally and vet them to ensure they are meeting wage standards and providing fair working conditions for all employees.


 Made With Love

Our pieces in our collection are limited edition and produced in low quantities which helps to reduce the waste, the fashion industry brings.

With millions of over production and excess inventory caused by large companies, it contributes dearly to the environmental problems that we face. Our process allows us to lessen this impact and cause no unnecessary waste. Our products are available online for a fair price. This way we craft beautiful and high quality pieces that are truly made with love and accessible for anyone.  


These are just some of the ways we make a difference. We, at ​For Love & Reason follow our own rules. We use our head and heart to design clothes that are both beautiful and ethical, and we want them to last for as long as possible.

This is the trend we want to set. This is the future of fashion we want to see.