Our Story

The Brand

Every woman deserves to experience self-love. Combining this perspective on beauty and ethics, we strive for clothing that creates a new dimension in the world of fashion by taking inspiration from European style and Indian heritage.

Founder and designer, Anamica Mahabiersingh believes in the elegant duality between love and reason. By creating a brand that connects these two states of mind, it becomes tangible in everything she designs.




The Inspiration

‘’My inspiration comes from my Indian heritage as well as the Netherlands where I grew up - Our timeless designs blends well with the vibrant colors, meticulous details and playful vibes. Each collection represents an essential, effortless quality that embraces the feminine silhouette.'’


The Production

The soft and stretching materials are sustainably sourced in India, France and Italy.

Each piece is conceived consciously and meticulously engineered to flatter in For Love & Reason’s Netherlands atelier, where the natural and the technologic exist side by side. 

All our clothes are made in European factories. From garments with the latest endurance, easycare, and travel-friendly stretch fabrics enhanced with natural viscose, silks and cottons, pure wool, rich velvets and handmade lace. 


 Our Manifesto

The world of fashion is not only about its power and beauty, it’s about its limitations and restraints. This duality permeates through the entire industry, from the designers to the buyers. 

These days, we are all looking for more.

Our collections need to grow, but they need to grow sustainability. 

Our attitudes need to change, but only to empower and liberate.

Our creativity needs to flourish, but with respect for each creator.

Our catwalks need to change, but only to include all types of beauty.

Our voices need to count, but for those who deserve fair treatment.

Our eyes need to open, if only to see our true potential…