Our Story

The Inspiration

'Doing everything entirely for love & reason!'   

Inspired by a mother-daughter duo, For Love & Reason is a sustainably luxurious brand that blends the exquisitely rich Indian heritage and elegant European design to create the finest pieces.



Anamica’s unique creation is a reflection of her mother’s ideology: to always stay true to who you are. Her authentic, confident, and elegant style has inspired Anamica to become her best self. 

Anamica created For Love & Reason with the hope to celebrate women in their most beautiful self with effortless and feminine pieces that transcend time.

The Production

From the moment a design is conceived in our mind to the time it reaches your hands, we put careful effort to make them fully deserve you and the environment.

We feel there are so many reasons that make you fall in love with the soft threads that wrap around your frame. But among these, the quality of the material plays a major part in making a piece feel and look good. We make it our top priority to select sustainably sourced materials. This means that our materials are derived from natural sources using eco-friendly processes.

All our pieces are ethically manufactured using vetted and responsible manufacturers. Our factories are ethical, which implies they are tested and certified to ensure they provide fair working conditions and standard wages for their employees. 



The need for sustainable, unique pieces that are easily accessible has always been a challenge in the Fashion Industry. To take steps towards change in the industry, we aim to produce limited quantities that are available for a fair price.