Tips to slow down climate change

Tips to slow down climate change

In our previous posts, we discussed what is climate change and what are the causes, but now we want to tell you how each of us can help to save our planet. 

So here are some tips for you to slow down climate change:

  • Everything starts at home. Using renewable energy(by installing solar panels, small wind turbines, biomass systems etc.) at our homes, not only helps the environment but also help us reap profit by reducing our electricity bill.
  • Be an advocate of carpooling, public transport, electric cars and biking- which is the world’s best and cheapest answer to a healthy living
  • Sun dry your clothes whenever possible.            
  • Pull that plug off the socket, and you help the world.
  • Research thoroughly before buying your home appliances. Buying energy-efficient appliances not only add more value to the money you spend but also helps you to contribute more to the world. For example, usage of LED-light bulbs.
  • Endorse low meat diets to decrease methane emissions caused by animals.
  • Say no to plastic whenever and wherever possible.
  • You help the world live longer when you segregate your waste. This process helps in recycling our waste, which reduces the need for mining and thus reduces its harmful emissions. 
  • Let us show our gratitude to the planet, by not wasting the food it bountifully showers on us. This responsible attitude will help us in reducing the greenhouse emissions coming from this wastage.
  • Let the saying, ‘water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink’ never become our reality. Let us do our part today by reducing water wastage. It not only helps in preserving a basic necessity but also helps in reducing the greenhouse gases emitted during the water treatment processes.
  • Refresh your mind and the world by helping to plant trees.
  • Voice your concerns and speak up for your right.      

    All these small, but vital and mindful steps from each of us will help fight climate change to create a beautiful world.  What tips do you know? Do share with us, so that we can save our planet together! 


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