YES or NO?

Do you agree if I say the need of the hour is sustainable clothes?

Clothes! They linger close to us, listening to our every heartbeat, our every dream. No one has hugged us more than them. To an extent, they even speak to us volumes about the personality of their owner. The warmth, the safety, the comfort, the confidence and the happiness they give us- Aww, we are so in debt of those soft threads that wrap around us!

To many, they have even become a symbol of social status. All these many little bundles of joy have made people purchase them on a whim. But before we get ourselves trapped in overconsumption, let's unveil some not so charming facts about fast fashion.

Research states that nearly 10% of annual global emissions are from the fashion industry alone. And, in the next ten years, scientists expect this to reach around 60%. Shocking estimates, right?

But, pollution is not the only menace we are facing because of fast fashion. It is quickly depleting our natural resources as well. Statistics says this industry is the second-largest consumer of the world's water supply.

The wounds caused by fast fashion does not end with this. The exploitation faced by the workers in this industry is horrific. Often they are underpaid, overworked and are forced to live in below-average living conditions.

So what can we do against this? How can we protect our land, water and humanity from the cruel hands of this industry? Do you agree, Sustainable clothes are indeed the need of the hour?
We will discuss this in our next blog. So stay tuned, stay mindful, stay happy.

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